1. What is the difference between a Conservatory and a Sunroom?

A conservatory has a polycarbonate or glass roof whereas a sunroom has a
slate or tiled finish.

2. How long does it take to build the conservatory or sunroom?

In most cases, you could allow between 6 - 8 weeks for the completion of
your conservatory or sunroom.

3. Do you provide all the different craftmanships?

Yes. We meet all plumbing, plastering and electricial requirements to each
job with fully qualified craftmanship.

4. What is included in the price for the new build and how are payments made?

From the beginning, an agreement is made up to outline in detail what work
is covered in the agreement and a stage payment breakdown is attached so you
know when each payment will be due.

5.Is your work guaranteed?

In O & O Conservatories, we stand over all of our work so we offer a 10 year guarantee.

6.Have your got references that I could contact?

Yes. Our clients have offered any of our potential clients the opportunity
to view, first hand the quality of workmanship that we deliver. We also have
a telephone contact list as references too so you can put your mind at ease
with O & O Conservatories.

7. How soon could you start?

One of our representatives will call out to your home and go through the
agreement and start date with you to ensure you are happy with everything
and then we commence work within two to three weeks from there.